Get Started with aWhere APIs

You can start working with aWhere’s APIs in just a couple minutes by getting your free API Keys and reviewing the documentation. When you start with your aWhere trial, you’ll have access to 6 months of historical data and full global access to all our APIs for 30 days. Our fully licensed API account users have access to up to 10+ years of historical data, based on subscription level.

Step 1: Sign Into the Community

To get the most out of our community and start your free trial, create an account and/or sign in. If you fill out your profile, it’ll introduce you to fellow developers and let our support team know a bit more about you so we can help faster.

Whenever you are signed into the community, you’ll be able to post questions and comments in the forum. You can edit your profile, reset your password, or create and retrieve your API keys from the “My Account” menu at the top right corner.

Create an Account   Sign In

Step 2: Create an App

To get your API keys, you’ll need to register a new App in our API platform. You should always get a different set of keys for each application you deploy (this helps with metrics and avoiding tripping the speed limit), but for your trial you just need one.

You can review your apps or create a new one from the My Account menu in the top right corner.

Create an App   See Your Apps

Step 3: Retrieve Your Keys

Once your app is created, you can get the keys from the next screen. Simply click the name of your application to expand it. You’ll see your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Save these to your computer and be sure to keep them safe! You can always retrieve them later from the My Apps screen.

See Your Apps

Step 4: Start Coding!

Now you’re ready to start playing with the APIs!

You’ll use the Consumer Key and Secret when generating an OAuth Access Token, and then use that token for all the other API requests. You can learn more about Authentication in the API documentation.

To get started even faster, use the Sample Code or Postman Collection, where all the API calls are ready for you to use out-of-the-box!

API Documentation   Sample Code & Tools

Need Help or Ready to Go to Production?

Anytime you need help or have a question with the APIs, jump into the Community Q&A Forum and search for your question or ask a new one!

And when you’re ready to talk about full production access, get in touch with us and we can arrange the details for exactly what you want to do!

Community Q&A   Go to Production