Build The Future of Farming

Agriculture is a rapidly changing industry. With 10 billion people to feed by 2050, farmers need better and healthier yields, stronger and more efficient value chains, and big data insights to drive critical decisions. Complicating matters is increasing weather variability and climate change; farmers need more than climate-smart agriculture, they need to know what to do today. This is Weather-Agile Agriculture:™ field-level, tactical, and real-time recommendations informed by science and big data insights.

aWhere’s platform informs critical farming decisions with agriculturally-specific and hyperlocal weather data plus rich agronomic models and recommendations. We’re just one piece of the puzzle; your idea, app, or product will help farmers get more from their fields and feed the world and our platform can help.

Leverage agriculture intelligence—the combination of weather data, deep agronomic expertise, and field-specific insight—to offer stronger recommendations and create more value for your customers.

Drive Pre- and In-Season Decisions

Weather Agronomics™ builds on weather data to provide insightful direction for pre-season and in-season decisions. Our Agriculture Intelligence platform is designed to understand and track what’s happening at each field, making the weather and model data meaningful so farmers can make more profitable decisions.  See what’s different about our approach to big data in Ag.

Weather Data Built for Agriculture

Our weather data is specifically built for agricultural insight. Using multiple sources (from earth to orbit), it’s hyperlocal and highly accurate, designed for field-level decisions, fault-tolerant for errant stations, with available at global scale.  Research institutions rely on it in place of deploying weather stations for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about Weather Terrain

Your Data Remains Safe and Private

The protection of your customer data is a top priority for us. We do not collect any personal farmer information. We only require some basic identifiers like geolocation and field IDs. This makes integration and long-range modeling easier, and helps identify agronomic trends in a region. We only analyze in aggregate, never on an individual farm basis.

We’re Your Partner, Not a Competitor

We do not build apps for farmers. Our goal will never be to compete with you, but instead we want to help make your application as successful as it can be. From prepackaged UI components to developing best practices, to consultations with our science and technology experts, we partner with our developer community to build the best possible future for farming.