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Leveraging Open-Source Tools

This tutorial series will review how to leverage aWhere’s daily-updated, high resolution weather data and open source software such as R and QGIS. The outputs generated from both R and QGIS can enhance reports, inform decisions, and support your analysis.
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Organizing Your Project Files

Why is file structure important? The short answer is that it enables you to find different input and output files to efficiently generate data products, charts and maps to generate insights and produce reports to achieve your objectives. The structure proposed here has evolved over the years based on practical experience that we want to pass on to you to position you for success in the use of R and QGIS.
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Accessing aWhere’s R Scripts

This tutorial will review how to access aWhere’s GitHub R-Training-Tutorials and explain best practices of version control. If you have never used R before, not to worry - we will guide you through the steps to start generating powerful weather visuals!
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Using aWhere Data with QGIS

This tutorial aims to get you started with aWhere data visualization and basic analysis in QGIS (now version 3.12), free and open-source geographic information system software that enables viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data.
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