February 18, 2016

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Weather Map Layers and NWS Advisories

Today we’ve opened up access to two new weather APIs: Maps and National Weather Service advisories.

The Weather Maps API is designed to make visualization of current conditions a simple thing to render and include in your application. The API supports two approaches for imagery. First, you can request a single image of set size, location, and zoom; secondly, the API supports map tiling so that you can layer the weather maps on top of a base map of your choosing. Both approaches also offer base maps of their own so you can use this API without another provider. And lastly, the API has been built to support the special use case of rendering images in browsers, with a special allowance for sending OAuth Access Tokens as query string parameters rather than headers.

In the United States, the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a variety of weather statements that alert the public to adverse and dangerous weather conditions. This API will provide any active alerts near a Field Location. You have the option to filter to a specific type of alert (such as severe storms or winter weather) and a level of significance (warnings, watches, advisories, and statements).

Note: while both APIs technically remain in beta, we expect no further change to the design of the endpoints.

Relevant documentation:

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