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Manage Field Locations and Planting Information

Fields are how you manage the locations for which you’re tracking weather, agronomics, models, and progress over growing seasons. By registering a field, you create a quick way to consistently reference locations across all our APIs, and allow our modeling APIs to better operate and tune to the conditions and status of each specific field. A Planting is the record of a crop’s season in a given field, and is where you tell the platform about what is planted there and when it was planted.

▶ Get a List of Fields or a Specific Field #

Use this API to retrieve the fields associated with your account, or if you know the specific field ID you can use it to get a single record. This API is referenced by most other APIs. | View Documentation 

GET /v2/fields
GET /v2/fields/{fieldId}

▶ Create a Field Location #

This API will register a field location in the aWhere platform. This is a one-time operation for each field. | View Documentation 

POST /v2/fields

▶ Update a Field Location #

You can update the field name and associated farm ID using this API. | View Documentation 

PATCH /v2/fields/{fieldId}

▶ Delete a Field Location #

Occasionally it is necessary to remove a field from your account, such as when you need to refine the geolocation. | View Documentation 

DELETE /v2/fields/{fieldId}

▶ Get a List of Plantings or Single Planting #

Use this API to retrieve all the plantings associated with your account or with a specific field. If you know the specific planting ID you can use it to get a single record. There is also a short cut to only retrieve the current planting for the field without knowing its ID. This API is used by the Agronomics and Modeling APIs. | View Documentation 

GET /v2/agronomics/plantings
GET /v2/agronomics/plantings/{plantingId}
GET /v2/agronomics/plantings/current
GET /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings
GET /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/{plantingId}
GET /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/current

▶ Create a Planting #

Use this API to create a planting. Only one planting can be active for a field at any time. | View Documentation 

POST /v2/agronomics/plantings

▶ Update All or Part of a Planting #

Use this API to update a planting. This API supports both updating a whole planting or patching specific properties of the record. | View Documentation 

PUT /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/{plantingId}
PUT /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/current
PATCH /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/{plantingId}
PATCH /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/current

▶ Delete a Planting #

Use this API to delete a planting. | View Documentation 

DELETE /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/{plantingId}
DELETE /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/current

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