June 22, 2018

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Agronomics API GDD Bug Fixes and Improvements

Today we’ve released several changes to our Agronomics API related to GDD calculations.  The changes affect the Agronomic ModelsAgronomic Values, and Agronomic Norms endpoints.

Agronomic Models Changes

The growth stage model results now use a GDD equation appropriate for the crop and model, instead of the default calculation using the standard equation and 10°C base temperature.  To see the GDD method that each crop model is using, we’ve also added the GDD parameters to the output of the Model Details endpoint.  For example:

    "biofix": 0,
    "gddMethod": "modifiedstandard",
    "gddBaseTemp": 10,
    "gddMaxBoundary": 30,
    "gddMinBoundary": 10,
    "gddUnits": "C",
    "stages": [
            "gddUnits": "C",
            "id": "stage1",
            "stage": "VE",
            "description": "Emergence",
            "gddThreshold": 53

Agronomic Values and Norms Changes

In the Agronomics API, we’ve resolved a bug when using ?units=usa and specifying some or all of the GDD parameters in the query string: gddMethodgddBaseTempgddMinBoundarygddMaxBoundary.  Previously the GDD parameters were not correctly converted during the GDD calculation; this is now accounted for.

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