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Leveraging Open-Source Tools to Visualize aWhere’s Weather Data

This tutorial series will review how to leverage aWhere’s daily-updated, high resolution weather data and open source software such as R and QGIS. The outputs generated from both R and QGIS can enhance reports, inform decisions, and support your analysis.

aWhere has many years of experience teaching analysts around the world on how to leverage our data and this set of steps is a guide on how to work your way through the data.

Before starting on the steps below please make sure you have the most updated versions of QGIS and R Studio installed on your machine.

Proposed workflow for creating charts, maps, and figures of aWhere’s data

▶ Step 1 : Organizing your File Structure

▶ Step 2 : Accessing Resources on aWhere’s adaptER Platform

▶ Step 3 : Getting your aWhere Key & Secret

▶ Step 4 : Accessing aWhere’s R Scripts

▶ Step 5 : Using QGIS to make a map of aWhere’s GIS-ready weather files

▶ Step 6 : Generating a locations file in QGIS to use in R

▶ Step 7 : Getting Started with aWhere’s R Scripts

▶ Step 8 : Generating charts with R and where to find them

▶ Step 9 : Creating a map layout and adding shapefiles to your map

▶ Step 10 : Using aWhere’s outputs in a case study, report, bulletin

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