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aWhere’s geospatial data seamlessly integrates with other GIS data to gain daily insights on your farms, industry or country.

Easily Integrate Weather and Agronomics

We want integration with our APIs to be as simple as possible. In addition to the comprehensive documentation, this section includes resources and tutorials for getting the most out of our technology as well as the science it opens up.

Sample Code

Jump start your coding with this sample code. Each example works out-of-the-box, simply plug in your API credentials (learn more). Code samples are also available as a package on GitHub.

aWhere Code Samples 
R Package  
Visit us on GitHub  

Postman Collection

If you use Postman to test API calls, these collections predefine a suite of test calls that will make your life a little bit easier.

Learn more about using Postman 

Jump directly to the Github Repo  


Learn more about what’s behind our technology and the science. Tutorials provide deeper background about how our APIs work, as well as practical explanations of agricultural data and how it can improve your application.

Check out the Tutorials 


If your API system can ingest Swagger definitions, then these files can get you started more quickly.

Get the Files from Github  

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